We're Adopting!

Friends and family, we have decided to adopt from India!  We are so excited to be “paper pregnant.”  We want to invite you all in on this process and figured some consistent blogging might help.  We will try to write a blurb each time a major event happens, but we have some catching up to do.  Let’s talk about how we got here.

As most of you know India has captured our hearts over the last 3 years.  Matt has made 4 visits in 2 years and Deanne has made 1.  We both left India feeling like we left a piece of ourselves there.  This lead our family into a weird season.  We saw so much need in India but didn’t know what to do.  We wrestled with God and our own heart idolatry, we prayed, we fought each other, we cried.  This was a weird, long season for our family.  At the core, we were asking, “how do we obey Jesus with all these feelings?” So, we both wanted to speak into the decision-making process and share our hearts with you.

Matt: The decision to adopt is the practical conclusion of my theology.  This statement sounds really callus, so let’s explain.  I am keenly aware of the depth of the pit of sin Christ saved me from.  I feelthat my pit was about a mile or two deeper than the other Christians I know (though sin is sin is sin – all sin is equally separating from God).  The love and kindness my Savior showed me fuels my mission.  I am still astonished that Christ would die for me and save me. Really this is a thought I have a lot.  This makes me want to display this love.  Almost like a poem; I want to go deep (the other side of the world), do something hard, and get dirty to adopt a sick, orphaned child, give them a bath in an expensive hotel, provide the best medical care, put new shiny shoes and clothes on them, create a college savings account, and love them for their entire life (even when they yell, scratch my car, hit my other children, and throw away my wife’s fine jewelry, as our other children have done).  This is my story, and I want to give someone else this type of love and pray earnestly that the Lord of the Harvest will ultimately bring this child into his eternal kingdom.

Deanne: The decision was not one that was on my radar until the day Matt came home from work and shared that he felt led to adopt. Immediately, and uncharacteristically, I said yes without hesitation or research or weighing things out… it was a no-brainer. We had always discussed the idea of adopting, though in lofty and futuristic terms, and when the opportunity arises that we are both on the same page, you jump on it and move fast! Since I was a little girl, my heart has always been one to serve “the least of these,” in whatever capacity I can. I dreamt of becoming a medical missionary, though God changed my graduate school plans and redirected my career to full-time motherhood. In that time, He grew my heart to truly know Him, learn more of his character and nature, and thus to love others even more fully. He opened my eyes to the fact that the God of the universe unconditionally loves us, regardless of our sin, our background, our past. He delights in us just as we are, not based on performance or achievement, good works or perfect behavior. Further, He adopts us as His children, co-heirs with Christ, while we are yet sinners! What better way to model this Christ-like love, than to extend it to a child who is likely marginalized, abandoned, from terrible circumstances, and in need of the unconditional love of parents. So with that mindset already formulated but not yet acted upon, I countered Matt’s idea of adopting with this: “Yes. But if we adopt, I want to adopt a child with special needs.” That was a heart stopper for Matt. The thought hadn’t occurred to him, but with only a slight pause, he agreed! We know that in many cultures, children with disabilities are cast out, marginalized, ostracized. Could they be more wrong! Our heart is to use our backgrounds, blessings, and love to show God’s love in raising a child facing what would likely be a life of hardship, ridicule, and probable poverty, and instead show them the fullness of joy we have in Christ and His perfect, immeasurable love,  blessings, and grace.

Dear reader, we are excited to journey with you.  We will try our best to be brutally honest with the process, bearing our hearts and sharing what God is teaching us along the way.  We desire to give you a glimpse of what is involved.  Before we took our first steps on this journey it seemed insurmountable.  After some forms, research, and prayer, the task only seems Herculean.  - BUT - I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me. Look for more updates in the near future.