I Love My Church

In some circles in our church I’m the old guy. Within those circles are folks who gladly point that out. In other circles in our church I’m just a pup. I don’t dare point that out though. Yesterday was a fifth Sunday which meant our Treehouse childcare volunteers had the day off, which meant our church had the  joy, yes I said joy, of celebrating as a family together. I think we all felt a little younger Sunday.

Each of us has a unique perspective on fifth Sundays. If you’re a parent it means you’re likely more busy corralling your little ones. For others it means the decibel level increases and there are fewer quiet moments. If you’re the custodian at Crestview it probably means a little more to sweep up once we were gone. By the way, shout out to the staff at Crestview for the hard work they do! (Just in case they read this).

My perspective today?  From where I sat or stood I had the great joy of seeing puzzles scattered on the floor. Beautiful little eyes staring at me, sometimes innocently smiling. I saw beautiful bows in hair, and pretty dresses. Little hands coloring. I saw family, church family, lending a helping hand with the children of fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. It was family as it should be.

I also experienced, yet once again, the variety of talent that exists at our church to lead us in worship. It was truly sweet, it was truly a joy.

There’s no theological point I’m making in these observations. No profound Scriptural insights. It simply reminds me that the kingdom of God is so much bigger than what what we experience each week. Even on 5th Sundays.

It makes me glad. It makes me happy. It brings comfort to my soul. Each of you played a part in that Sunday.  

It makes me thankful. 

I love our church.

Pastor Craig