Easter 2019

On Easter Sunday, Pastor Mike did a reading based off a devotion written by Charles Spurgeon. Below is Pastor Mike’s reading as well as the original devotional.

If we have accepted Jesus’ invitation in a way that has truly changed our life into one of following Him closely, we can be assured that all things will be well for us. We really can't imagine it all being any better can we?

We’re well fed because we feed on the flesh and blood of Jesus.

We're well clothed because we wear righteousness given to us by Jesus.

We’re well housed because we dwell in God.

We're well married because our souls are knitted in the bonds of marriage to Christ.

We’re well endowed because we will inherit heaven.

He died on Friday for our sin, so that he could rise on Sunday to bring us new life. We can be at peace with all of this, since God himself in his unwavering truth promised all this to us; and he promised it to us, because of the risen King, the risen Jesus, the risen Christ.

The original from Spurgeon says:

“Tell the Godly that all will be well for them.”

Isaiah 3:10

It is always well with the righteous. If this verse had said, “Tell the godly that all will be well with them in their prosperity,” we should be thankful for such a blessing, because prosperity is a peril. It is a gift from heaven to be protected from its snares. Or if this verse had said, “All will be well for them when under persecution”, we should be thankful for the assurance of God’s sustaining, because persecution is hard to bear. But when no time is mentioned, all time is included. God's “wills” must always be understood in their largest sense.

From beginning to the end of the year, from the first evening shadows until the daystar shines, in all conditions and under all circumstances, it will be well with the righteous. It is so well with the righteous that we could not imagine it to be better—because they are well fed, feeding on the flesh and blood of Jesus; they are all well clothed, wearing the imputed righteousness of Christ; they are well housed, dwelling in God; they are well married, their souls knit in bonds of marriage to Christ; they are well supplied, for the Lord is their shepherd; they are well endowed, for heaven is their inheritance. It is well with the righteous— well on divine authority, as the mouth of God speaks this comforting assurance.

Oh beloved, if God declares that all is well, we can laugh when 10,000 devils declare all to be bad. Praise God for a faith that allows us to believe him when creatures contradict him. The word says it is, at all times, well with you, righteous one. So, my beloved, if you can't see it, let God's word be your sight. Believe divine authority with more confidence than your own eyes and feelings told you.

The people God blesses are truly blessed—and what His lips declare is the most sure and steadfast truth.