Several years ago, I belonged to a missional community downtown. One night during our weekly gathering, we were talking about the need to be intentional with our time, to make space for spending time with other people. My friend Amanda expressed something about myself that, to me, was a startling revelation.

“I know most of us go to work, and then we come home and eat dinner with our family, for those that are married or have kids, and maybe watch Netflix or do household related duties, and then we go to bed. And we repeat this most weeknights.” She paused and looked at me. “Maggie, you’re a big exception to that.”

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I Love My Church

In some circles in our church I’m the old guy. Within those circles are folks who gladly point that out. In other circles in our church I’m just a pup. I don’t dare point that out though. Yesterday was a fifth Sunday which meant our Treehouse childcare volunteers had the day off, which meant our church had the  joy, yes I said joy, of celebrating as a family together. I think we all felt a little younger Sunday.

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