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Our Discipleship Pathway

Red Tree Church has a very simple mission. We exist to glorify God through seeing lives transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

We believe the church to be so much more than just a Sunday event. The church is who we are as the people of God, an outward expression of what is being accomplished through the life-transforming message of the gospel. 

We view the church as a family, a redeemed people being reunited with God and one another through Jesus Christ. 

Our desire is that everything we do as the church would be a reflection of that message. We also desire that, as the gospel changes the hearts of God’s people, such change would flood into the streets of St. Louis and the world around us.

To this end, we have 3 gospel rhythms that define the life of our church:


His life, death, and resurrection is the center of everything we are and do as the church. His life is the example, He is the truth, and He is the only means of obtaining salvation. Jesus is the Christ, the promised one, our rescuer. Because of this, we have reoriented our lives around Him and His finished work on the cross. Therefore we are unashamed of Christ and His glorious gospel. It is there that we find life.


A gospel-saturated community is the primary way in which Red Tree Churches are organized. We see community as a beautiful display of God’s redemptive work in the world; as well as one of the most effective ways for gospel-centered discipleship to take place. Wherever one finds followers of Jesus living life together on mission for the glory of God, one truly has seen God’s church. We hope that our churches would be marked by transforming joy and love for one another.


The Gospel not only saves us from sin & death, it also saves us to a new and glorious purpose in life. With this new life, we get the privilege of participating in God’s redeeming work on the earth. We proclaim and manifest God’s coming kingdom through love, sacrifice, and service to the world around us. We are passionate about cultivating a culture of worship, discipleship, community and mission in our city.

We see these rhythms as a process (or pathway) by which believers grow in discipleship. To put it a simpler way, our desire is to see people grow in Christian maturity by:

1) Wrapping their lives around the person and work of Jesus

2) Covenanting themselves to Jesus’ family

3) Participating in Jesus’ mission on earth

We believe the above is a process that people can follow. Our hope is that, as a person grows in their relationship with Jesus, it will lead them to deeper “covenant” relationship with Jesus’ family, and so on. This means that no matter where you are in terms of your faith, regardless of situations you are currently walking through or sitting in, there is a next step for you. You are welcome at Red Tree Church! Come exactly as you are and join us in this process of falling in love with our Creator.